This is the first of what we hope will be a series of trans- and inter-disciplinary conferences that will critically examine what it now means to be literate in a world that is continuously being re-shaped by the enormous array of printed, digitized and transmitted images and visual communications systems that contextualize our perceptions of ourselves and our world. Understanding the relationship of literacy to power is central to this challenge. Meeting it will require the creation, thorough examination and amalgamation of new types of knowledge. In light of this, an essential question to attempt to answer is this:

How does achieving, demonstrating and maintaining visual literacy subject us to power wielded by those who create, foster, or participate in the exchange of visual culture, media and communication?

This conference seeks to break down barriers separating theory and practice to achieve a clearer understanding of the created visual environment as shaped by a wide variety of power practices and techniques. In light of the hegemonies currently being exerted through visual culture, the conference asks how critical thinking, viewing and making should be practiced, and in what arenas this should occur. A redefined literacy that empowers rather than subjugates subjects of visual culture will hopefully emerge from ........... these perspectives.

The Conference Venue and Conference Hotel

All conference events will be hosted by the Universities Center at Dallas (UCD). The UCD was established in 1994 and is located in the former Joske’s Department Store building at 1901 Main Street in downtown Dallas. The UCD was the first Multi-Institution Teaching Center designed to facilitate higher education in Texas. It is also home to The University of North Texas' new Design Resource Center. It is also physically connected to the Hotel Indigo – the designated conference hotel – and the UCD entrance is less than 150 yards from the hotel lobby.

For driving directions to the UCD, available transportation options, parking and other information, please contact the center directly or visit its web site at

The Universities Center at Dallas

1901 Main Street, Suite 107
Dallas, TX, USA 75201
Phone: (214) 915-1900
Fax: (214) 915-1903


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